Dear Homework Series


Dear Homework,

You fucking suck.

Here I am, working on you.

When I’d rather look at ducks.


Dear Homework,

You are a whore.

When you ask me to do you,

I throw you on the floor.


Dear Homework,

you will be no more

I’ll throw you into the fire

and the flames will lick your face.



Little birdie

( I wrote this poem today. Below is my real name)

 Hello little bird,

Hopping through the snow.

Are you not cold?

All of your friends are in the tree

Preening their feathers

Looking warmer than thee

But there you are as happy as can be

Flapping your wings

Having fun in the snow

Your attention on nothing else.

Not me,

Not the tree.

Just the snow,

That is oh so cold.

                                -Amber Hoholek