The worse it gets, I fail to hide.

To an open ear, I confide.

It hurts when you look at me.

When you tell me I have potential,

When you tell me I’m worth it.

Something inside me dies.

Maybe I believe you?

Is this okay?

Can you chase the monsters away?

-Amber Hoholek



Just for today,

Let me cry.

Just for today,

Allow me to break.

These feelings bubbling up inside me,

Are more than I can take.

If I collapse under the pressure,


Pick me up.


Don’t leave me.

Hold me.

Tell me that everything will be okay.

Even if you are lying,

I will believe you.

-Amber Hoholek

Bam!(’cause I couldn’t say it aloud)

Tick tock goes the clock, slowly my panic grows.

The closer to three the tiny hands be

The less pleasant my poem appears to me.

At this time, I really need be

Writing numbers instead of poetry.

I hope my professor does not call on me.

Oh the irony on the screen,

Word problems are not fun you see.

My mind is wandering aimlessly.

My care is not if these words fit, together in this sonnet.

Ten forty-five is the time, now as I write ridiculous rhymes.

As I approach the last line, a thought appears within my mind.

I write in the present as well as the past.

But words of the future are out of my grasp.